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Luton  1 - 0  Pompey

After a poor run in the league where we've scored no goals in the last three (I refuse to count the og at Donnie as a goal we created) and taken the same number of points, the FA Cup could have been seen as a well timed distraction and a chance to get some much needed confidence. It wasn't and it once again exposed some rather gaping holes and raised questions that need answers in hurry.  

As a team, we looked off the pace at best in an insipid first half against at team who are in a lower league than us, regardless of whether they are doing well or not.

As well taken as the goal was, it was poor defending and awareness that allowed the cross to be put into the box which summed up a half in which we conceded possession too often and frequently gave the ball away to then give away a silly foul in trying to retrieve it. 

Before his eventual red card for a second yellow of his own making by allowing the ball to bounce, Thompson could quite conceivably been given a straigh red for attempted GBH midway though the first half. Allowing the ball to bounce and not doing the simple things at the back were pandemic of our performance. Clarke inexplicably trying a Cruyff turn as when under pressure as last man when heading towards our own goal, Burgess missing a simple header and getting caught on the byline more than once and Haunstrup sadly just looking out of his depth. 

The inclusion  of Close and May (players who didn't make the squad of their loan clubs in non league last season) are persistently picked over once of last seasons most consistent performers in Danny Rose, which would be great if their form merited it. By all accounts, it doesn't. And Close was largely anonymous besides being slow to shoot and giving the ball away meaning O'Keefe had to do the running of two just to compensate. Quite what the likes of Naismith and Rose have done to not get into this side is beyond me and most others. Yesterday only really enforced those views, for me.  

After the break we did improve, but it's easy to press forward in a cup tie when one down and having most likely got a rocket at half time. Lowe got himself booked for a stupid dive when he didn't really need to go down before having having shot hacked off the line in a later attack, Clarke had a header superbly tipped onto the Close having two efforts saved and multiple set plays came to nothing. Without Pitman on the pitch, that would appear to be out goal threat gone. Hawkins had a poor game and barely won a header all game and when Chaplin came one he was playing too deep to really have an impact. Add that to the fact we were sat alongside some mindless, racist, idiots who have to be contenders for the weakest sperms to ever fertilise an egg, it was a bit of a crap day out!  

You might be able to tell that I'm not overly happy, and as I'm writing this quite soon after event, I've probably not yet calmed down! But this is four losses in a row, no goals and now out of the cup to lower league opposition. Team slelection and tactics are leaving a lot to be desired but tactically, we seem very one dimensional and if Pitman isn't scoring the goals, we seem to lack ideas. Kennedy and Lowe will have better games and Hawkins will want to forget that one in a hurry. But the odd move of having Chaplin play deep behind Hawkins when chasing the game seemed illogical and I'm sad to say Haunstrup and Close don't look up to this standard at the moment. There is a lack of confidence in the team at the moment and that is very apparent. It's up to Jackett to earn his money and turn this around and in a hurry because at the moment, this isn't good enough.  




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