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Pompey - Sunderland


Bullet point account of the day.

- 3 of us enjoyed a late breakfast in a pub in Willesden Green. Met some Pompey fans from Scotland (I thought the IW was a long way!), and some Sunderland fans from Wales. All very good natured.

- depressed at half time following our lack lustre first 45 minutes. 

- second half begins, and already it’s much better.  

- Evans and Hawkins both an improvement on Curtis and Bogle. Perhaps Jackett is a tactical genius after all. 

- Thompson, who had been a worry all afternoon, suddenly pops up on 82 minutes to score an unlikely equaliser from a wrong footed cross by Evans. Elation! Nathan you da man! Ah well, at least we’ve have a goal to cheer.  

- but wait. A piece of Jamal magic sends us into raptures especially Henry who suddenly became very amorous. 

- we all know what’s coming don’t we? Yep, sure enough they equalise, and we’re going to lose on penalties. 

- hang on, is there still time for a second piece of Jamal magic? Not quite, so we’re still going to lose on penalties. 

- good job MacGillivray hadn’t read the script and guessed correctly to deny the evil Cattermole 

- oh no, Hawkins steps up, so we’re still going to lose on penalties.

- GOAL!  Never in doubt.

- after an orderly time of queuing down Wembley way to the tube, I head back to the pub in Willesden Green where I console some Sunderland fans from Sweden with the insincere words of “it could have gone either way”, and “I think you’ll go up automatically”. I don’t think they bought my condolences for one moment, but it made me feel very sporting.

Many thanks to Steve Lacey. Our 19th man at Wembley, but our number one on the Oilowoit for all his hard work in getting us all there and organising such fantastic seats.


Steve Cook


What a great day - we were kept on the edge of our seats until the final whistle when the last penalty kick was taken.

I travelled with my son and two grandchildren aged 7 and 9 from Tunbridge Wells.

It was the first time the Grandchildren had been to Wembley, so very exciting for them,  but they had been to Fratton Park before.

They enjoyed the flags and the blue smoke when Pompey scored.  We had a great view especially as most of the action was at our end.  The Pompey supporters were great and outshouted the Sunderland Supporters. 

It was spectacular seeing half the Stadium in red and half the Stadium in blue Supporters.  It proves that Pompey can match even the biggest clubs with their supporters.

Waiting to celebrate promotion to Championship  at the end of the season, or even the play offs possibly against Sunderland again.





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