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Cheerio PC.

Thanks for eventually accomplishing what you were brought her to achieve, now close the door and take your buddies with you. Good riddance. 

Personally I can think of at least three times when he should have been sacked...the end of the 2016/16 season; losing at places like Morecambe early doors this season and following the worst home performance in living memory against lowly Crewe less than three months ago. Wigan have done us a favour.

There was a lot not to like about Paul Cook and he’s proved me and many others who couldn’t stand the bloke that we were right by the disgraceful and underhand way he treated people like Iain McInnes, Ashley Brown, Mark Catlin and Co and gave him everything he could possibly need to escape from the basement league and stuck by him when many people would have bounced him down the road to his beloved Liverpool. They didn’t deserve that. 

I know that there’s no loyalty in football but he had a year left on his contract, had received bonus payments for achieving what he was paid to do and was made a very good offer to stay. He gambled and failed when Mark Catlin stood firm and called his bluff. He’d be no good at poker, that’s for sure! 

Now? Well his off to mighty Wigan to play a one dimensional brand of boring predictable football in front of less than 10,000 fervent fans more interested in rugby league. It may not be the end of his career but it’s certainly the start of the end of his career...and all his playmates. God I hope he doesn’t forget to take Roberts with him! 

From his perspective it is fairly clear that he, at least in part, engineered the move. More money, from a silly old bloke who has spent millions trying to persuade the town to embrace football, that’s for sure, although my understanding is that our offer virtually matched the Wigan package. If it had been a Premiership club (that’s never going to happen) or one of the bigger Championship clubs you could start to understand but, Wigan for God’s sake, you’re having a laugh. One thing is clear to me and that is Wigan never did their ‘due diligence’ when they agreed to offer him the job! 

I say it’s just about the money but when you think about it perhaps he realised that League One is ‘pushing his envelope’ as they might say nowadays; he’d want to extend his contract to maximise his eventual dismissal package and, most importantly, in my view, I think he knew that when Eisner finally gets hold of the club that he (Eisner) was very unlikely to suffer the  type of ‘culture’ that Cook favours and expects on a day to day basis and his behaviour on the touchline and when dealing with the media.

The only real downside for us is that it exacerbates the problem of lack of continuity at a time when we are in limbo prior to the completion by Eisner and Co. We don’t need players who are uncertain about what the future holds and we’re unlikely to bring in any new players until the new gaffer is installed...and that in itself could prove to a tricky problem. However, with Mark Catlin at the helm I remain confident




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