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An Evening with Portsmouth Football Club


Starting at 7.00pm prompt

At Yelfs’ Hotel, Union Street, RYDE

ERIC EISNER ...Son of owner Michael Eisner and Board Member of Portsmouth FC

ANDY REDMAN ...President of Tornante and Board Member of Portsmouth FC

MARK CATLIN ...Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Portsmouth FC

ANNA MITCHELL ...Commercial Director of Portsmouth FC

Accompanied by the ever popular Fans Liaison Officer Johnny Moore

We have often seen Mark over here, and all credit to him, but to get such a high level deputation from the Club to meet Members of the Supporters Club is unprecedented and a very clear indication of how the owners and Directors look at us as the Supporters Club across the sea!

With the team under Kenny Jackett on the brink of something very exciting this is an ideal time to hear from the men and women who own and run this great club and their future plans in terms of team building and the ground.

At this moment in time we are not sure about the format for the evening but it is sure to be interesting and important to the hundreds of loyal fans living here on the Island.

All Supporters Club Members, family and friends are welcome.

Don’t be late, it’s 7.00pm sharp on Wednesday 30th January at the usual venue Yelfs’ Hotel.

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