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Well it goes on and, in my view, is likely to go on for a lot longer! 

Firstly, I hope that everyone is OK, it seems in many respects that the Island has been quite fortunate in terms of those that have been hospitalised and those that have died. I hope everyone is OK, taking care and doing what is required in terms of social distancing. It now seems that the UK, despite the fact that we are an island and advance warning from Italy and Spain, will have the highest death toll in Europe which is devastating. 

It’s not many weeks ago we were concerned about our indifferent form, whether we might make the Play-Offs, the return to Wembley and the prospect of Kenny Jackett for yet another season…and, oh yes, some kind of flu epidemic in China!! 

Before this unexpected and enforced break we were one of five possibly six teams within a point of each other all vying for a place in the Play-Offs and the hope that if you finished 3rd or 4th that the second leg of the s/final would be at home. My view was that there was no guarantee we’d even make the Play-Offs, especially as we had some tough games to come away to Rotherham, Oxford and our nemesis Southend. The latter is a game we should win but this is Pompey we are talking about. Everyone will have an opinion I suppose. 

Will it matter? 

Will the season finish? 

If it does, when and what will be the format? 

What form will the 2020/21 take and how will that impact on us?  

Nobody really knows the answers but it seems highly likely that if it does it will be behind closed doors. In fact, Championship or League One, when will supporters actually be able to attend games? Social distancing could be the end of live football as we know it and that would be a tragedy. 

As the lockdown continues with the reopening of popular well attended sports events a long way down Boris’s list, you start to wonder how a lot of clubs are going to come out of this, including our own club. With 14,500 season ticket holders we don’t make an enormous amount of money on matchdays even when we regularly get gates of over 18,000. At this moment in time the income is close to nil but we are still paying the players as well as 20% to those staff that are furloughed.  

I was one of the overwhelming majority that voted for the Eisners to take over from the Trust. Over the last three years, in my view, they’ve made precious little progress in terms of improving the club on and off the field but, in the event of something going (badly) wrong, they are a sort of safety net and I hope they don’t disappoint! There’s going to be no money coming in for quite a while and Mark Catlin is in an extraordinarily difficult position in terms of selling season tickets until we know when it is actually going to happen, what league will we be in, will it be regionalized in some way, when it will start, the number of games etc.  

If this goes on for an indeterminate period I’m happy to devise a few sports quizzes…providing there’s no cheating (joke). At some stage the Committee will get together and come up with a donation to local people/groups/organisations who have all ‘stepped up to the plate’ during this crisis; we will keep everyone informed.

Today we’re going to have a little competition (no prizes). Below are ten words, phrases or statements and all you have to do is rank them in order of how much they annoy or irritate you!

Lockdown….essentially do whatever you like but you can’t go down the pub.

Herculean effort.

Working night and day.

Ramp up…that means developing something at a snail’s pace

Sadly…apparently the only prefix that can be used when referring to deaths

Paying tribute to…usually used to avoid answering a question

So….the word, if you’re a medical expert, that comes at the start of every single verbal response.

Underlying health issues….means, we don’t think most of you have anything to worry about.

Rolling out…much the same as ramp up

Relying on the ‘science’…defined as ‘don’t blame us’.

 Got any others?

One advantage of getting old is that you can watch a game from the enormous Sky Sports archive without any recollection of the result…unless it’s an FA Cup Final as I’m pretty good on them!

Hope to see you all soon.

Take care.

 Chris Hougham (Chairman IWPSC)

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